Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

  • Can I listen to Rhapsody on my Mac?

  • Yes, to listen to Rhapsody on your Mac you first need a Rhapsody account. Rhapsody gives away a two week free trial for new accounts.

    You can listen to Rhapsody on your Mac in any one of three ways:

    1. Use the web based player at Rhapsody.com.
      You can access this from any web browser. If you just want to listen to music and don’t care about importing your music collection, transferring to CD or portable player than this is the option for you.
    2. Install Parallels Desktop for Mac and install the Rhapsody Music Software.
      Note: this option gives you complete access to all of Rhapsody’s features on your Mac desktop. Unlike the web interface the Rhapsody Music Software let’s you burn CDs, import your entire music collection as well as update your portable music player.

      If you want complete unrestricted use of Rhapsody this is the option for you.

    3. Install Bootcamp.
      You will need to get yourself a copy of the new Mac operating system Leopard as it’s the only way to get Bootcamp (the free version was discontinued when Apple released Leopard).

      Bootcamp allows you to run Windows programs, like Rhapsody Music Software, on your Mac.

      The difference between Bootcamp and Parallels is this: with Bootcamp you have to restart your system into Windows mode to use Windows programs. Unlike Parallels, you are unable to open Windows programs on your Mac desktop. It’s one or the other.