Welcome to RhapsodyForMac.com

I created this website when I purchased my first Mac in September 2007, a brand new shiny MacBook Pro!

I’ve been a long time Rhapsody fan. With my new Mac I soon realized I was without my Rhapsody music collection so i sought out the best way to get Rhapsody on my Mac.

I figured out the best way (in my opinion), and I came across two more! Three ways in total to put Rhapsody onto your Mac. I decided to document the process and put it up on the web so other curious Rhapsody/Mac lovers could learn how to get their favorite music service working on their favorite computers.

So what’s the best way? My preferred method is using a combination of Parallels Desktop with the Rhapsody Music Software to get the complete unrestricted functionality of Rhapsody on your Mac.

Check out the home page and FAQs for more information.